Meterbase fixup work

Ever seen this happen? The ground has settled so much on this house, the main feed is pulling right out of the meterbase. This can be caused by snow-filled backfill, or improper underground procedures when installing the main cable. What happens next? The meterbase blows up and you have loss of power and major fire hazard issue…

The Power of LED Lighting

TWE just finished a HUGE 12,000sqft. mansion south of Sherwood Park, checkout the smart lighting panels we did in this one! This house had over 350 potlights in it, 3 sub-panels, tons of cool accent lighting and specialty features. We installed (2) TESLA 90amp chargers, these chargers are capable of giving a TESLA full charge in 15mins.

Are you ready for Electrical Cars?

Just wired and installed another TESLA charger for a happy customer, be ready for electric cars they’re becoming more and more popular!  Starting right away the City of Edmonton is requiring new homes to have a 200amp service if you are planning to put an electric car charger in?…

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