Spotlight on: Sam Duff

Sam was born on September 12th 1994 and grew up in Beaumont Alberta where he lived for over 20 years. He currently lives in Fort Saskatchewan with his wife Beth, and three girls Crystal, Ruby, and Bonnie. Sam’s favorite aspect of the electrical trade is designing and installing “user-specific electrical systems” to satisfy the needs of a client. An example of this would be installing a button/bell system for a store or building a forklift charging station. When he is not working or taking care of family items Sam enjoys Downhill Mountain Biking, Alpine Skiing, and Upland-Game-Bird Hunting. He is trying out Ice-Fishing recently as well. Sam has been with the Three-Way team since November of 2012 and is certainly a very valued member!


Spotlight on: James Bergner

James is the hardworking Field Manager here at Three Way. He was born and raised in west Edmonton and currently lives in Fort Saskatchewan with his wife and 3 girls. James enjoys challenging warranty or service calls where he is able to utilize all his previous experience and creativity to solve a homeowner’s problem. This is especially awesome AFTER a particularly difficult wire fish in, though during the actual work the stress is not so fun. James certainly likes a challenge and lives by the phrase: Easy is a past tense term. When he is not at work James enjoys playing board games with friends and family which includes an annual Axis and Allies game every Remembrance Day he is in town. He also enjoys rock climbing with his 2 older daughters and loves the multiple projects around the house that he likes to tinker with in his free time.


Three Way Electrical goes SOLAR with Orizon Energy

Three Way Electrical is EXCITED to announce a partnership with Orizon Energy.   We will be working alongside Orizon, and together will be able to offer Western Canada only the best Solar installs!  To “Go Solar” check out their web page: https://www.orizonenergy.ca/


Level 2 Home EV Charger

Thinking of buying an electrical car?  Most people will want to be able to fully charge their new car overnight – to do this you will want to install a “Level 2” EV charger at your home or in your garage.

Level 2 EV chargers are essentially a charger that requires 20A-50A and 240volts.  There are many charger options available to purchase and depending on which one you purchase you will need different amperage of breaker and therefore different size cables run.

Level 2 EV Chargers will charge your car anywhere from 20kms of range per hour (20A)  to 60kms of range per hour (50A)

Give us a shout or drop us an email to have us provide a free estimate.”


The Flats

Wiring from Three Way Electrical underway at a new exciting project by Parkwood Masterbuilder – check it out at this link: https://livetheflats.ca


Are you ready for Electrical Cars?

Just wired and installed another TESLA charger for a happy customer, be ready for electric cars they’re becoming more and more popular!  Starting right away the City of Edmonton is requiring new homes to have a 200amp service if you are planning to put an electric car charger in?…

Quality Without Question

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Newground: New Home

Our team of electricians are almost done the roughin of this beautiful home east of Sherwood Park.

At well over 14 thousand square feet, there are not many builders who can successfully build a house like this, but New Ground Developments is certainly one of them! Check them out http://newgrounddevelopments.com

There are also not many electrical contractors who can successfully wire a house of this magnitude, but the elite crew from Three Way Electrical certainly can with “No Problems… Only Solutions”

Meterbase fixup work

Ever seen this happen? The ground has settled so much on this house, the main feed is pulling right out of the meterbase. This can be caused by snow-filled backfill, or improper underground procedures when installing the main cable. What happens next? The meterbase blows up and you have loss of power and major fire hazard issue…

The Power of LED Lighting

TWE just finished a HUGE 12,000sqft. mansion south of Sherwood Park, checkout the smart lighting panels we did in this one! This house had over 350 potlights in it, 3 sub-panels, tons of cool accent lighting and specialty features. We installed (2) TESLA 90amp chargers, these chargers are capable of giving a TESLA full charge in 15mins.

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